Cibachrome, green and red pulsar LEDâ??s
rechargeable batteries
Black rice
80 x 100 x 7 cm
Ed. 3


TWO 4 A $, 2007
b/w Kodak, mosquito net,
womenâ??s hair
Painted frame
80 x 120 x 5 cm
Piece unique


Pandora video, 2004
Duration 13:52
in loop with sound
Ed. 8
ONDA (WAVE), 2004
Project for an outdoor fountain on a open square
The sculpture ONDA is a composition of three WAVE-elements
of different sizes (length: big WAVE 6m; medium WAVE 4,8m;
small WAVE 3m).
The three WAVES on the square give the idea of monoliths in
a Zen-garden. The enclosure of the WAVES is cut in stone.
The ground plan is formed by the overlap of a WAVE with
a counter-WAVE (see waves: images 6 - 'crocodile physics'
and simulation on cd-rom).
The basin inside, built in resin, has the same form;
it is covered with an elastic membrane skin.
With air pressure guided through a tube into the basin,
the membrane skin grows and deflates like a WAVE.


Il dono, 2003
Lambda print framed
94 x 124 cm
Europa/Bulgaria, 2003
Two layers of digital prints
on transparent foil and one
layer of lamda print
on photopaper perspex box
60 x 60 x 10 cm
Ed. 3
Lilith, 2003
Each 3 layers of digital prints
between glass, white gel ink
framed cm. 44 x 44 x 5
Piece unique


ACQUA, 2002
Duration 6â??
Ed. 8
E 10-18, 2005
Cibachrome on aluminium
100 x 180 cm
Ed. 3
The Evolution Serie (2002-2005)
Ri 202s Albano, 12 aprile 2005
Cibachrome on aluminium
70 x 100 cm
Ed. 3
The Evolution Serie (2002-2005)