Waterbank, 2016
Wooden blocks
Installation inspired by water


Harpe, 2015
Murano glass, iron rods
size variable
The 3 section represent the voices
and names of the collectors children.
The tree is a Mediterranean pine
tree, in order to prevent the tree
to collapse, each section contains
a 10 thick iron rod.
All glass pieces are mouth blown
and hand carved in Murano, Venice.
The color has been mixed especially
for this purpose and contains a crystal

Sesamo, 2015
Size and material: various (wood,
aluminum. iron, bronze and glass)
Voice: each unique
From recordings of the collector's
voice,the resulting sound waves
are transformed into a sculpture
which can be suspended like
a mobile or fixed on a structure.
As the hollow tubes are caught
in the wind,the work responds,
producing its own melody.
It is the voice of the owner alone
who can unlock the gates to
reveal the rich collection within.
SESAMO video, 2015
video of Sesamo on gates to
owner's house
Profili, 2015
Embossed man-hole iron, artists?
voices via touchboard and sound
speakers, height/widths variable.
During meetings with contemporary
Roman artists in their own studios,
the physical outlines of the artists?
bodies were traced and their voices
telling a personal story recorded.
The solid silhouettes are cut in the
iron typically used for manholes
found across the streets of Italy.
As the viewer touches the metal of
the figure, the voice of the artist
is played.
PROFILI video, 2015
Profili d'Artista at Milano
Scultura Fair
PROFILI , 2015
On display at Parma 360 fair


Be Aware, 2014
3 sculptures in souldered wire-mesh
filled with black, brown and blond
synthetic hair
Height 145 cm


Interactive performance video

Ruchira Gupta performance
presentation Be Aware

Be Aware VIDEO, 2014
BE AWARE OF SEX TRAFFICKING is an interactive sculpture which
denounces sex trafficking, a phenomenon considered inevitable but
which can be overcome.
The work consists of three stylised figures of girls, young adolescents
without arms, lifesize, in souldered wire-mesh. The three sculptures are
filled with black, brown and blond synthetic hair.
The artist will ask the audience to participate in a performance
where strands of hair will be extracted with tweezers.
These hairs, bound by ribbon are put in small bags to be kept in a wallet.
The extraction process is highly emotive: the wire sculpture empties
and one decides to fight this problem.
These many tiny singular actions will transform into a collective
barrage against sex trafficking


SESAMO, 2013
material, color and weight: various (wood, aluminum, iron, bronze and glass)
SESAMO is a personalized sculptural work based on voices and sounds.
The consequential "Sound waves" are transformed into a 3D sculpture.
The sculpture can either be suspended like a mobile or fixed on an entrance gate,
as its hollow tubes capture the sound of the wind.


Vita, 2012
14 Bronze sculptures
Height 55 cm
Ed. 3


Dammi la mano!(Give a Hand), 2010
Felt, mirror
Size variable


Profili di artista, 2009-2012
Ashlar Iron
174 x 112 x 0,5 cm


The Chinese Are Coming!, 2005
Installation of 45-46 Spiders
Human hair (asian), porzellane Mao badges


WasserKinder, 2003
Big head in skin rubber,
8 heads in resine
Sound 12 minutes in loop
(support 5.1 Dolby surround)
C9, big head in skin rubber
and foam 651 x 945 x 1110 cm
C7, head in resin 19 x 27 x 32 cm
Heads (various sizes) in resin, glass
and steelbox
Every glassbox: 50 x 50 x 50 cm
(tot. height 150 cm)
WasserKinder video, 2003
Sound 12 minutes in loop
(support 5.1 Dolby surround)


ACQUA, 2002-2005
video, photo, sound
ACQUA video, 2002-2005
video, photo, sound
Letters in PVC, concrete, steel rope,
glass tubes, rice paper, glass color
400 x 240 cm (text on wall),
400 cm (steel rope), 40 x 4 cm (glass tubes)
Permanent installation
at the Centro Arte Contemporanea Cavalese

1997 - 2003

The New York Project, 1997-2003
100 bronze sculptures
Height from 18 cm to 24 cm
Ed. 6